About MyLeos

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What is MyLeos?

MyLeos is a web-based software that facilitates all communication and recordkeeping for Lions Leo Clubs. It was developed in 2018-2021 by Sam Haines while he was a high school student and member / President of his local Lions Leo Club. It is developed using raw HTML, CSS, and JS, and server-side computation and data storage is handled using PHP and MySQL. Sam noticed that clerical work reduced time spent serving and communication issues negatively impacted volunteer turnout, and this perceived shortcoming motivated him to develop the software.

What can MyLeos do?

Manage Events

Club officers are able to create and manage service events using MyLeos Manager. MyLeos stores event details such as date, location, etc. and makes these details public on the front page of the site. This makes it easy for club members to quickly see when events are taking place and plan accordingly. Members are also able to sign up to participate in service events with the click of a button, and MyLeos tracks signups and shows them to club officers and members of the parent Lions Club to enhance recordkeeping. Club officers are also able to record service hours by member to effectively measure engagement. High-engagement members are shown on a leaderboard in My Account to incentivize and reward participation.

Make Announcements

Club officers are able to publish and edit announcements (webpages) to allow them to communicate important information to the club. These announcements can serve as useful hubs for upcoming meetings and other reminders. A WYSIWYG HTML editor makes it easy for anyone to quickly create a page on their club's website.

Connect Lions and Leos

Due to age gaps and communication issues, Lions and Leo Clubs can sometimes find themselves on different pages. MyLeos allows Lions and Leos to connect with one platform that streamlines communication and encourages collaboration.

History of MyLeos

MyLeos is currently in use at Manheim Township High School, Sam's alma mater. Unfortunately, he was unable to apply the software elsewhere but remains interested in the prospect. Occasional bugs remain present in some parts of the software -- mostly because Sam used MyLeos to teach himself web development -- but he has not had time to fix them.

Interested in learning more? Contact Sam Haines at samuelhaines.com/contact.